There are several different levels of education within any tier at any given time. Our tiers are based off of length of experience AT Rendezvous. Each tier has its own price point. Stylists at Tier 1 will have the lowest price point, while Tier 4 stylists will have the highest. Your cost of services can always be determined during your complimentary consultation. We do not quote any prices via phone. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Operations Manager:

Hillary Rex started at Rendezvous as a loyal client, finding the salon right when Rendezvous first opened its doors. She credits Rendezvous for her transformation from feeling blah to feeling beautiful. She fell in love with the salon and the crew so much that she took on a role as salon manager and is very proud and excited to be part of the Rendezvous Family. Hillary has a vast background in customer service, team motivating and all around cat/unicorn herding and enjoys learning more and more about the beauty industry. Hillary is an artist, amateur costume designer, die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and the main stage manager for TRAUMA Columbus, and we should also mention she likes to dance like crazy any chance she gets.

Hilary Rex

Tier 4 Stylist:

This stylist has been with the Rendezvous team for over 4 years and has seen just about anything that a career in cosmetology can throw their way. This stylist is a master at corrective color, precision cutting, and has demonstrated all of the requirements necessary to gain this level of recognition in their career at Rendezvous. They are still continuing to further their education for the rest of their career and demonstrating excellent leadership within our salon community.



Tier 3 Stylist:

This is a stylist who has not only shown exceptional skill, but a stylist who has been with us for over 3 years and fulfilled all requirements to get to this level. They will have excellently honed skills in every aspect of the services that they offer, but also have a strongly built client base. As with all of our tiers, there is a strong emphasis on education inside of the salon, but also on their own time as well. They strive to not only better themselves, but to better the stylists around them at all times.


Tier 2 Stylist:

Tier two stylists are recent graduates of the Rendezvous Intern Program who have demonstrated their passion for our industry and furthering their education or stylists who have only been with Rendezvous for 3 years or under. These stylists are building their clientele and working towards educational goals that they set for themselves.












Tier 1 Stylist:

These stylists are all active in Rendezvous Intern Program. They are working on developing the skills required to be a full fledged unicorn! They only accept basic cutting services and other services upon request by friends and family. They have completed the basic cutting portion of their internship and are building their cutting skills on ½ price haircut Thursdays!





Our intern stylists are currently enrolled in our intensive internship program. This is a program that is a learn at your own pace educational experience. We typically see our stylists complete the program in a 6 month period, however, for some, it may take a bit longer to hone those skills and feel confident in working with the general public. This program has several stages that are imperative to the stylists success at Rendezvous. Once these stylists have completed the program entirely, they will enter the salon as a Tier 2 Stylist.