Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio with lots of energy and passion for the industry; I had a strong vision from the start. I knew in my heart and soul, I love making people look Beautiful and feel Happy! Destined to follow that vision, I graduated with my Managing Cosmetology License from New Directions Beauty Institute, an all African American beauty school. This makes me familiar with all textures and styles of hair! I’m also an expert in the art of Makeup, having been an Educator for Sephora during my years in Manhattan, I continue to teach Special Effects & Theatre Makeup Classes at New Directions. With an affinity for sun-kissed hand painting, Balayage gets a high priority in my set of acquired skills. I continue to polish my craft with the finest tools and education available. In my spare time, you’ll find me staying active with friends, performing, or spending quality time with my close knit family.