Hair Extensions

The Wonderful World of Hair Extensions!



Hair extensions can be used to add length, thickness, both, or create a new style without the commitment of using chemicals. At Rendezvous, we exclusively offer Fusion Hair Extensions. In our experience we have found that this is one of the best, long-lasting hair extensions that does not cause damage to your natural hair shaft, follicle, or scalp.

Hair extensions are not just “one of the services” we offer. Each of our specialists are professionally trained and fully certified in all aspects of hair extension services. We service hundreds of hair extension clients each year and have over 8 years of specialized experience in providing quality human hair extension services.

We have several extension hair providers with whom we work closely, and you can order your extension hair quickly and easily through us. If you are interested in alternative hair sources, please speak with your Extension Specialist to gather more information. We are flexible and will gladly work with you to achieve the exact results you desire!


We are open every day from 10am to 9pm and always have at least one extension specialist in the salon at all times. We welcome you to come in for a free consultation, where we will be able to give you an accurate price quote and answer any questions you may have!

Alternatively, if traveling directly to the salon would be inconvenient, we are happy to give you a broad price quote over the phone and answer all of your questions at that time before scheduling a formal consultation. Please note that we do still require two appointments for everyone: a consultation to order your hair, and then your appointment to have them put in! Consultations are always FREE!!


The following is a general pricing guide for fusion extensions. Remember, every head is unique, and we can only account for those differences if we can see you in person.  Also due to uniqueness, we do not charge a flat rate for extensions. We divide pricing into the cost of the hair itself and the application of that hair so that you only pay for what you need.  Come in for an extension consultation, it’s FREE!



To achieve LENGTH:

The average person needs 4 – 8 bundles, but some people may need as many as 12.

To achieve THICKNESS only:

The average person needs 2 – 4 bundles of hair.

To achieve both length and thickness:

The average person needs 7 – 9 bundles of hair.

The following is a list of starting prices:

Extension application costs $75 per bundle. This is for labor only.

The cost of the hair varies depending on what length you would like. Extension hair pricing usually falls between $60-140 per bundle. For all other extension maintenance and extension removal, the rate is $100 per hour. The amount of time it takes for extension removal varies greatly and depends on your hair and how well you maintain your extensions.


If you ever have any questions regarding your extensions and how to maintain them, please contact your stylist, call us at 614-447-2600 or click on the link below to review the aftercare sheet.

Click here to learn How To Properly Care for your New Extensions

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