Hair Color

Hair Color

Our stylists can create absolutely ANY color your little heart desires, and in the least invasive and damaging way possible!

Listed are the  starting prices  for each service.

Prices may go up depending on your stylist, your hair, and your desired results.


Please note: To reserve our time for you, we kindly ask that all appointments with services requiring a total of 2+ hours be held with a deposit to be paid at the time the appointment is made.



Creative Color (consultation required)

Balayage & Ombre                $75-160+

Partial Highlight                     $55+

Full Highlight                         $85+

All Over Bleach                        $70+

Block Color                              $80+

Multiple Color Splicing           $95+

A la Carte Foiling            $8 per foil

Base Retouch                             $40+

Single Process Color                  $55+

Corrective Color                       $125+

Toner*                                           $25+

Glaze/Demi-permanent Color      $25+

*Commonly known as “toner”, demi-permanent color is used after your hair has been lightened or lifted (usually with bleach) to either enhance or neutralize the naturally remaining pigment in your hair. As a demi-permanent color, it also helps close the cuticle of your hair, ensuring longer lasting color results and healthier, happier hair. Each “toner” used is specifically formulated by your stylist, customized just for you based on your hair, its history, and your desired results.

To achieve optimal results, toner is almost always necessary in any service involving lightening your hair color.