Ms. Monster has a unique background in hairdressing. With an original background in fine art, she views styling as an art form, and is constantly learning and finding inspiration in strange places. “Strange” could be an ideal descriptor for her work. She specializes in Avant Garde hairdressing, Retro [she is extremely knowledgable and particular about the history of hair and period accuracy in her Pinup work], Bridal, Hair additions and hairpieces, High Fashion and Editorial. In addition to her styling knowledge and experience working simultaneously at the internationally recognized Niche Photo Studio: Laura Dark Photography, she is also fully capable in various areas of traditional salon services, from cuts to color to extensions, even nails and facial waxing. Meticulous and visually driven, Cat will only put out her very best work.

A key driving factor in her career is the pursuit of body equality in fashion, and to bend societal standards of what a woman “should” be. Her goal is to cater to everyone and make them feel special. Her “people” are the outcasts and those who feel down on themselves. She firmly believes that the world is full of all kinds of beauty, and is persistent in her plight of reflecting her visions for all to see. To show each person their worth, their inner light. That, is her medium and her purpose.

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*Headshot courtesy of Laura Dark Photography*